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Institutional Services

Investment Policy Statements

  • Annual review of existing IPS to address any desired changes.
  • Development of new Investment Policy Statement, if appropriate.
  • Design and implementation of Emerging and Diverse Manager Investment Policy and Investment Solutions.

Asset Allocation Studies

  • Asset allocation studies including both Mean-Variance and Monte Carlo simulation as required, addressing the possible inclusion of new asset classes or to view the impact of Spending Policy on the total portfolio over time.
  • We allow your IPS, spending needs and goals to guide, our asset optimization and analysis modeling methodologies that include a set of sound capital market assumptions for returns using CAPM, implied returns, Bayesian analysis (including Black-Litterman), and custom forecasts.

Investment Manager Due Diligence, Searches and Selection

  • Investment Manager/Mutual Fund searches as required, replacing existing investment managers or retaining managers for new asset assignments.
  • Managers are evaluated using our three-factor model: performance, firm capacity (including people) and growth in assets.

Portfolio Monitoring

  • Analysis of total portfolio performance against a customized capital markets benchmark.
  • Analysis of performance of existing investment managers against appropriate Capital Market Indices (passive) and Peer Group Indices (active).
  • Quarterly portfolio performance report and client meeting providing analysis of both the total portfolio and retained investment managers against appropriate passive indices and active peer group benchmarks.
  • Annual review of costs associated with the management of the portfolio, to include investment managers, consultant, and custodian fees.
  • Review and negotiation of custodian services and fees and custodial searches as appropriate.