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Year-end is the perfect time to review your finances and check to see if you are still on target for existing goals or if you have new goals and objectives. Reexamine your financial, business, and life priorities for 2015. Specify the goals you want to accomplish and place them in order of importance. Always think about the consistent investing, saving or budgeting methods you could use to realize them.

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Case Studies

Brief Overview:

A well-established service provider finds itself trying to navigate a financial recovery from the 2008 "Great Recession" without its internal or external financial team intact. Read the solutions that helped create a 250% increase in cash reserves and savings after two years.

Business Challenges:

  • After many successful years, a service company with annual revenues of nearly $5 million, has a significant decline in top-line revenues of slightly more than 20%. Compounded by the 2008 economic crisis, the company now finds itself in a major debt dilemma.
  • The prior financial team including the CFO and internal and external accountant left the organization shortly after 2008 leaving the company without proper internal financial controls.
  • Management became concerned about the quality of its remaining financial team and consistency of service by the newly hired outside accounting firm.
  • Financial reporting was two years behind schedule and as a result, created an adverse relationship with their lender regarding important investment property and other asset holdings.

Business Solutions:

  • Conducted a review and analysis of current cash-flow, projected cash flows (both present and past due expenses along with historical and present revenues including sources), and examined the balance sheet for liquidity and potential repositioning of assets.
  • Provided CFO and comptroller type financial oversight services for the client including assistance with assessment of potential large expenditures, financial management of cash and other assets, and evaluation of budgets.
  • A debt elimination strategy was developed and implemented over an 8 month period to pay off all past due obligations and keep re-occurring expenses current.
  • On the client's behalf, began direct negotiations with the lender and provided current financial reporting to demonstrate to the bank that all loans can be rated in good standing.
  • Assisted the client in right-sizing the business including reduction of redundant staffing and expenses, as well as tighter restrictions on new expenditures.
  • Assisted the client in establishing internal financial controls and appropriate cash-management procedures.
  • Performed a confidential search and helped the client select and hire a new internal financial team including bookkeeping, accounts payable and an external accountant.


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